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Profiles by Kristin offers a full range of hair loss solutions, including Hair Additions, Hair Extensions, Medical Prosthetics, Hair Loss Treatments, Laser Therapy & Hair Growth Supplements!

Solutions for Men

Profiles By Kristin offers the most natural looking Hair Replacement Systems in the industry.


Profiles by Kristin is proud to offer Natural Advantage Hair Replacement systems to our male clients.



Are you tired of thinking about your hair? You want to stop wondering “Can I get it wet?” “What about bright lights?” “Did she notice?” You’re ready for confidence, ease, and smiles when others see you. You want to forget about your head, and enjoy your life!

Our stylists are specially qualified to evaluate you and handle the best hair replacement available. With many year of experience in this field, Profiles By Kristin has chosen Natural Advantage as the best Hair Replacement option available for men.

NATURAL ADVANTAGE is 100% Human hair — it looks, styles and acts like your own hair. This is great news for those of you with active lifestyles! No need to worry any longer! You can work out, swim, run, bicycle, and participate in sports of any kind, even those that involve wearing helmets. Your hair replacement system will look absolutely natural so you can look and feel 100% confident enjoying your active lifestyle. Our experienced technicians will personalize to the color, texture, density and hairline you want. Wear it long or spike-cut, brush it back, and treat it as if its your own hair! Natural Advantage is virtually undetectable!

Technology has finally caught up with your fantasies. A proprietary technique places real hair a strand at a time to harmonize perfectly with your own hair. It duplicates how your own hair grows, and matches it perfectly.

NATURAL ADVANTAGE doesn’t discriminate: it works for nearly anyone, with any degree or type of hair loss. The hairline is so natural; even you’ll think it’s yours! Now there are experts you can trust. Our stylists are specially trained and qualified to evaluate you and give you the best hair loss solution available!


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