Hair Replacement for Women

Hair Replacement & Hair Restoration Solutions for Women with Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

For women with thinning hair and hair loss, at Profiles by Kristin in Syracuse NY, we have the hair replacement solution for you no matter what your situation is!

womens hair loss restoration syracuse nyOur goal here at Profiles is to have an option for everyone…even you! Profiles’ commitment is for all women with hair loss challenges to regain their confidence and dignity, and be able to move through everyday life feeling great about themselves and their appearance. Our focus is to provide you with as much information as we can so that you have a better understanding as to how we can help you. We can provide you with Custom Designed Hair Additions and Non-surgical Bonding or Grafting Attachments.

Undetectable Women’s Hair Replacement

With our skin replica hair systems, one strand of hair is added to the system at a time to give the appearance that the hair is growing directly out of your scalp. Our systems are custom designed to fit you and your needs from matching the exact color, to the amount of added density you would like. We focus on naturalness, security, precise fit and integrations of the systems hair with your own hair.

You ask; “Will people notice?” “Can I shower or swim with it?” “Will my significant other be able to feel it?” Yes people will notice- but only how beautiful your hair looks! You can do just about anything while wearing a Hair Addition as you could with your own hair. And “no” your significant other will not be able to feel your Hair Addition. Most systems are made up of a skin base so that it looks and feels like your skin.  We have state of the art, non-surgical solutions for any hair challenge no matter how unique.

female hair loss restoration syracuse nyRemoveable Hair Systems

Removable hair systems offer you the ability to wear your hair on an as needed basis. This can also be an option for you if you are just not ready to have a systems permanently attached yet. Another benefit of a removable hair system is that you can enjoy a variety of systems and styles which give you the ability to switch between hair systems. You could remove your hair at bed time, during a shower, swimming or working out.

Seamless Hair Grafting

Profiles By Kristin now offers Invisible Hair. What is Invisible Hair? Invisible Hair is exactly that, invisible! It is a method of attachment that doesn’t shift, grow out, pull out or damage baby fine hair. This allows you to have a permanently attached system without shaving or worries of damaging your own hair. It can be attached to the bare scalp or baby fine hair and is doctor recomended.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women is ideal for

  • Those with Fine or Baby Fine Hair
  • Those suffering from Alopecia Areata
  • Those suffering from Trichotillomania
  • Those who need corrective color or highlights without damaging your own hair
  • Those who wish to cover scars due to surgery or burns

Find Your Perfect Women’s Hair Replacement Solution

At Profiles by Kristin, we want you to find your perfect women’s hair loss solutions. That’s why we offer a range of hair loss solutions designed to offer the finest, most natural, most undetectable hair restoration to meet your individual and personal needs, including,

  • Synthetic Hair – A material that looks like human hair but is made from non-human material. Also pre-styled, so you don’t have to worry about styling the hair.
  • Man Made Fiber – Looks and feels like human hair. Comes in a variety of colors that do not fade and more durable than human hair.
  • Indian Hair – Human hair with medium texture and gathered from India. Available in a variety of colors, lengths and wave patterns. The cuticle has been removed.
  • Italian Hair – Human hair with medium to fine texture and gathered from Italy. Best for medium to dark colors; length and wave patterns are limited. The cuticle has been removed.
  • Remi-Cuticle Hair – Human hair with the cuticle intact and all running in the same direction. Often silky, smooth, and shiny.
  • European Hair – Human hair with a very fine texture. Also soft and shiny with minimal tangling.
  • Russian Hair – Human hair and the finest in texture, very limited and gathered from European countries. The cuticle is still intact, has not been chemically treated and is the silkiest hair available.