Hair Extensions

Profiles By Kristin provides the best hair extensions available in Central New York!

Now you can have the hair of your dreams without the damage that other methods cause.

Hair Extensions aren’t just about adding length and volume- in fact, results achieved through adding hair extensions are limitless:

  • Create a hair cut
  • Correct a hair cut
  • Add chemical-free highlights, lowlights, or texture
  • Cover a scar or Alopecia
  • Fill in a fringe
  • Fill in a receded hairline
  • Temporary length for special occasions

With our 100% human hair extensions you can do almost anything you can do with your own hair. With the molecular structure similar to human hair, our wide variety of hair extensions are light and comfortable to wear as well as virtually undetectable. Most important of all, we do not use any method of extensions that causes damage to your own hair. This is why it is so important for you to come in for a consultation to see which method of extensions would be best for you and your hair!

Considering the fact that people who do not have a lot of hair generally have very fine hair at the same time, the hair extension program offers various lengths and thicknesses. We customize the exact color, length, and curl pattern by hand picking a variety of hair strands to create your natural look of highlights and lowlights.

Seamless Hair:

Invisible Hair extensions are the first and only hair extension method that were designed for baby fine hair. Most other methods of extensions tend to be flat and the hair only flows in one direction. With Invisible Hair extension there is a free style movement, meaning they can be combed or styled in any direction. They also provide root lift and instant volume anywhere on the head. They lie completely flat on the head so no more worries about getting your brush stuck in your extensions. Invisible Hair also differs from any other type of extension due to the fact that they don’t grow out, they stay attached to the skin not the hair, and still allows for your own hair to continue growing underneath.

Invisible Hair has a skin replica base that has an air tight and water tight seal, this allows for a 4-10 week secure attachment. The skin base is directly adhered to your scalp using an FDA cleared medical grade adhesive. These extensions can be customized for your spacific needs and placed in many different configurations.

Micro Point Solutions by CYBERHAIR:

With this method of extensions you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain, wind or sun. It looks great wet or dry, color does not fade, maintains moisture and is the most light weight extension available. You will have no more worries with Micro Point Solutions; you can spend the day on the beach, in the ocean, in a chlorinated pool and even work out. Micro Point Solutions offers you a longer lifespan than human hair extensions and requires no more maintenance than your own hair.  This method of extensions can be applied closer to the hair line and parting area than any other extensions due to the small and seamless attachment.

There are so many extensions available today, how do I know which one is best for me?

A: Have you tried extensions and found they were too heavy for your hair and caused your hair damage? Are you looking for coverage on the top of your head but are not yet ready for a hair replacement system?

Profiles can help you with our extensive knowledge in many different types of extensions and methods. It is best to come in for you complimentary consultation so that one of our specialist can take a look at your hair and find out from you what your wants and needs are. We will determine which type of extensions and methods would be best for your hair. We will be able to determine what options are best for you based on the density, length and condition of your own hair. Everyone’s hair is different and therefore the solution recommended for you may not work for another individual.

You should also remember that extensions are not just about adding length. In fact, with extensions, your options are limitless. Whether you are looking for added volume, chemical free high lights or low lights, filling in a receding hair line or added length for a special occasion, we will find a solution for you! Our methods of extensions will not cause stress or damage to your own hair, they will still allow for your hair to continue to grow and become healthier while wearing your extensions. This service can also be combined with some of our hair restoration services. This will allow you to have immediate satisfaction for your hair loss concerns, while attempting to grow your own hair back at the same time. Our specialists will help you in determining the appropriate length, color blend, density and texture to best match your own natural hair. We will also go over with you how to properly care for your new hair and go over any questions that you may have.