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Profiles by Kristin offers a full range of hair loss solutions, including Hair Additions, Hair Extensions, Medical Prosthetics, Hair Loss Treatments, Laser Therapy & Hair Growth Supplements!

Hair Loss Treatments

Don’t let your hair loss control your life…

Through a Trichological examination, we can customize scalp treatments for a clients specific hair loss needs. These treatments strengthen viable hair follicles to stimulate growth and treat anomalies of the scalp that inhibit healthy hair growth.



13886322_908338732634310_2056671062448109217_nRUBY LINE: This line of Trichological Treatments are for clients who do not have scalp anomalies such as dehydration, dandruff or an over production of sebum but do experience hair loss and thinning. This line of products is SLES and Paraben free. It contains essential oils that extend the Anagen (growth) phase of the hair and also promotes stimulation of existing viable follicles and give the hair new life. The Ruby line can be used in conjunction with the Havogen 5 Patch.


13891891_908339199300930_2455035484476415246_nSAPPHIRE LINE: This line of Trichological Treatments are for those who may have hair loss and thinning issues due to anomalies such as an over production of sebum (oil), itching or redness. An over production of sebum can cause scalp irritations, clog hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. This line of products is SLES and Paraben free. The essential oils contained in this line balance the scalp’s pH and normalize the production of sebum to unclog follicles and promote healthy hair growth. The Sapphire line can be used in conjunction with the Havogen 5 patch.


13876498_908339485967568_5857867970080273255_nDIAMOND LINE: This line of Trichological Treatments are for those clients with a dehydrated scalp and anomalies such as dry dandruff, itchiness and redness. This line is SLES and Paraben free. Essential oils contained in this line help to restore the connective layers of the scalp that lock in moisture and unclog follicles to promote healthy hair growth.


13880397_908338469301003_123520527105036898_nHAVOGEN 5 PATCH: This discreet, practically unnoticeable patch Inhibits 5-Alpha-Reductase and Inhibits free radical formation. These are two of the main contributing factors of hair loss. This patch will nourish the hair bulb, balance sebum (oil) production, strengthen the hair shaft, stimulate hair growth and increase the anagen (growth) phase of the hair.


Laser Therapy